Alabama Concert Schedule - upcoming dates

This page displays upcoming concerts scheduled in Alabama. This schedule includes country, rock and pop artists playing at venues across the state. These concert listings are updated regularly so that you don't miss any of the shows happening in Alabama! You can even find tickets to most of these concerts by clicking on the provided link (note: you will be taken to a ticket reseller site where prices may be higher or lower than face value). Check out the schedule and see if your favorite artist is coming to a location near you!!

Alabama concert calendar:

01/21/18YBN NahmirZydecoBirmingham 
01/21/18EyehategodThe Merry WidowMobile 
01/21/18Tubefreeks, The Singing Butcher & Native HarrowThe NickBirmingham 
01/21/18SleepSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
01/22/18Aimee MannThe Lyric Theatre - BirminghamBirmingham 
01/23/18NF - Nate FeuersteinIron City - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
01/24/18David RawlingsThe Lyric Theatre - BirminghamBirmingham 
01/24/18Destroyer of Light & HexxusThe NickBirmingham 
01/25/18Corey SmithDruid City Music HallTuscaloosa 
01/25/18RebelutionIron City - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
01/25/18Randy NoojinThe Wright CenterBirmingham 
01/26/18Corey SmithIron City - BirminghamBirmingham 
01/26/18Ember, Crawl, The Goddamn Rights & AdletThe NickBirmingham 
01/27/18Brass TransitOxford Performing Arts CenterOxford 
01/27/18The Steel Woods & Jobe FortnerZydecoBirmingham 
01/27/18Frank FosterSoul KitchenMobile 
01/27/18Yacht Rock RevueWorkplay SoundstageBirminghamView Tickets
01/28/18America - The BandOxford Performing Arts CenterOxfordView Tickets
01/28/18Elizabeth CookWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
01/30/18They Might Be GiantsSaturn - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
01/31/18Willie WatsonWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
01/31/18Dead Country GentlemenThe NickBirmingham 
02/01/18The Funk HuntersZydecoBirmingham 
02/01/18Radio MoscowThe NickBirmingham 
02/01/18FuturebirdsThe Merry WidowMobile 
02/02/18Machine HeadSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/02/18Sarah PeacockThe NickBirmingham 
02/03/18The SteelDriversIron City - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/03/18The Cadillac ThreeDruid City Music HallTuscaloosa 
02/03/18Birmingham Winter Beer FestBJCC Exhibition HallBirmingham 
02/03/18ChewThe Syndicate LoungeBirmingham 
02/06/18Killswitch Engage & AnthraxIron City - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/06/18VolkThe NickBirmingham 
02/06/18Jay FarrarWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
02/07/18Free Kittens and BreadThe NickBirmingham 
02/07/18Marco BeneventoSoul KitchenMobile 
02/08/18Kelsea Ballerini & Walker HayesAlabama Theatre - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/08/18The FumblebuckersThe NickBirmingham 
02/08/18StuyedeyedThe Syndicate LoungeBirmingham 
02/08/18Andrea Pearson, Jim Kimball, Marcia Ramirez & Mike WaldronWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
02/09/18The Heart Behind The MusicOxford Performing Arts CenterOxford 
02/09/18Shovels and RopeIron City - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/09/18Riley GreenSoul KitchenMobile 
02/09/18Terry OhmsThe NickBirmingham 
02/09/18Marco BeneventoSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/10/18Lalah HathawayBJCC Concert HallBirminghamView Tickets
02/10/18ToroThe NickBirmingham 
02/11/18Mobile DeathcampThe NickBirmingham 
02/11/18Aaron Neville QuintetMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomery 
02/12/18Phoebe BridgersThe Syndicate LoungeBirmingham 
02/13/18The Blind OwlsThe NickBirmingham 
02/14/18Emancipator EnsembleWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
02/14/18Manhattan3The NickBirmingham 
02/14/18MungionBourbon Street BarAuburn 
02/15/18The Dirty Delusions & The JimJimsThe NickBirmingham 
02/16/18Widespread PanicLegacy Arena at The BJCCBirminghamView Tickets
02/16/18BloodkinThe NickBirmingham 
02/16/18Morgan WallenBourbon Street BarAuburn 
02/17/18Anderson EastIron City - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/17/18Jim BrickmanThe Lyric Theatre - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
02/17/18Jim BrickmanThe Lyric Theatre - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
02/17/18Jamie KentMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomery 
02/17/18The LacsMidnight Rodeo - ALMobile 
02/17/18Widespread PanicLegacy Arena at The BJCCBirminghamView Tickets
02/17/18BloodkinThe NickBirmingham 
02/17/18Pedro The LionSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
02/17/18Morgan Wallen & Ray FulcherZydecoBirmingham 
02/17/18Steven Curtis ChapmanHighland Park Baptist ChurchMuscle Shoals 
02/17/18The OnlysWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
02/18/18St. VincentIron City - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
02/18/18Doomstress & BeerwolfThe NickBirmingham 
02/20/18ProwessThe NickBirmingham 
02/21/18Bonnie MontgomeryThe NickBirmingham 
02/21/18MiloThe Syndicate LoungeBirmingham 
02/22/18The Oak Ridge BoysMobile Civic Center TheaterMobile 
02/22/18Taylor KroppThe NickBirmingham 
02/23/18Perpetual GrooveBourbon Street BarAuburn 
02/24/18Jonny LangMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomeryView Tickets
02/24/18Perpetual GrooveZydecoBirmingham 
02/24/18Throng of ShoggothsThe NickBirmingham 
02/24/18Brandy Clark & Maggie RoseWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
02/25/18Michael McDonald - MusicianJemison Concert Hall At Alys Robinson Stephens PACBirminghamView Tickets
02/26/18GramatikDruid City Music HallTuscaloosaView Tickets
02/27/18RaglandThe NickBirmingham 
03/01/18Vintage PistolThe NickBirmingham 
03/01/18Tigers JawSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
03/02/18Travis TrittShoals Community TheatreFlorenceView Tickets
03/03/18MercyMe & Tenth Avenue NorthThe Wright CenterBirminghamView Tickets
03/03/18Mobile 90s Block Party: Guy, Teddy Riley, 112 & Jagged EdgeMobile Civic Center ArenaMobile 
03/03/18Brent CobbWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
03/04/18The TensThe NickBirmingham 
03/05/18Dropkick MurphysIron City - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
03/06/18Crazy TownSideTracks Music HallHuntsville 
03/06/18Cave of SwimmersThe NickBirmingham 
03/08/18Cody JohnsonSoul KitchenMobile 
03/09/18David WilcoxWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
03/09/18Whitney PeytonSideTracks Music HallHuntsville 
03/09/18Perpetual GrooveSoul KitchenMobile 
03/10/18An Irish HeartOxford Performing Arts CenterOxford 
03/10/18Black Laurel BandThe NickBirmingham 
03/10/18The Wind & The WaveSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
03/10/18MatisyahuSoul KitchenMobile 
03/11/18Fleet FoxesSoul KitchenMobileView Tickets
03/11/18Jason MrazVon Braun Center Concert HallHuntsville 
03/11/18Graham NashThe Lyric Theatre - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
03/11/18Dopeghost & Seven Year WitchThe NickBirmingham 
03/12/18Nahko & Medicine For The PeopleSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
03/13/18Pop EvilSaturn - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
03/14/18Vibrant TroubadoursThe NickBirmingham 
03/15/18Wynonna And The Big NoiseVon Braun Center Concert HallHuntsville 
03/15/18Wild ChildSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
03/15/18Super BobThe NickBirmingham 
03/17/18TobyMacLegacy Arena at The BJCCBirminghamView Tickets
03/17/18Stoned CobraThe NickBirmingham 
03/22/18Mat Kearney & Andrew BelleIron City - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
03/22/18Jason MrazSaenger Theatre - ALMobile 
03/23/18Jerrod NiemannOxford Performing Arts CenterOxfordView Tickets
03/23/18Montgomery GentryIron City - BirminghamBirmingham 
03/24/18Brantley Gilbert, Aaron Lewis & Josh PhilipsTuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosaView Tickets
03/24/18NewsboysDothan Civic CenterDothan 
03/24/18The Black Mariah Theater & God Bless RelativeThe NickBirmingham 
03/27/18The Happy Fits, KinZie, The Old Paints & The PollenThe NickBirmingham 
03/30/18Bela FleckThe Lyric Theatre - BirminghamBirmingham 
03/30/18Black Tiger Sex MachineZydecoBirmingham 
03/30/18Here Come The MummiesSaenger Theatre - ALMobileView Tickets
03/31/18Agent OrangeThe NickBirmingham 
03/31/18Here Come The MummiesMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomeryView Tickets
04/05/18Japanese BreakfastSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
04/06/18Dweezil ZappaSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
04/07/18Andy McKeeWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
04/07/18Sara Evans & RaeLynnSaenger Theatre - ALMobile 
04/08/18Big K.R.I.T.ZydecoBirmingham 
04/08/18Styx, REO Speedwagon & Don FelderTuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosaView Tickets
04/08/18Dark Star OrchestraAvondale BreweryBirminghamView Tickets
04/12/18Emily Shackelton, Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling & Michael LogenWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
04/13/18Turnpike Troubadours & Charley CrockettDruid City Music HallTuscaloosa 
04/14/18Styx, REO Speedwagon & Don FelderThe Wharf AmphitheatreOrange BeachView Tickets
04/14/18Sweet CrudeThe NickBirmingham 
04/16/18Kevin MorbySaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
04/19/18NightwishSaenger Theatre - ALMobile 
04/19/18Judah & The LionSloss FurnacesBirminghamView Tickets
04/19/18Chris Young, Kane Brown & Morgan EvansTuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosaView Tickets
04/19/18The EaglesLegacy Arena at The BJCCBirminghamView Tickets
04/20/18Durand Jones & The IndicationsWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
04/20/18Chris Young, Kane Brown & Morgan EvansThe Wharf AmphitheatreOrange BeachView Tickets
04/20/18Ty SegallSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
04/20/18Casting CrownsTuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosaView Tickets
04/22/18Chris Robinson's As the Crow Flies & Once and Future BandIron City - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
04/24/18Celtic WomanVon Braun Center Concert HallHuntsville 
04/24/18Trey AnastasioIron City - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
04/25/18The BreedersIron City - BirminghamBirmingham 
04/26/18Celtic WomanBJCC Concert HallBirmingham 
04/26/18Tommy EmmanuelThe Lyric Theatre - BirminghamBirminghamView Tickets
04/26/18Pigeons Playing Ping PongSaturn - BirminghamBirmingham 
05/01/18Celtic WomanDothan Civic CenterDothan 
05/01/18Jack JohnsonTuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosaView Tickets
05/04/18Alan JacksonTuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosaView Tickets
05/06/18Jason IsbellMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomeryView Tickets
05/08/18Chicago - The BandVon Braun Center ArenaHuntsvilleView Tickets
05/09/18Chicago - The BandSaenger Theatre - ALMobileView Tickets
05/10/18Jason Isbell & The 400 UnitVon Braun Center ArenaHuntsville 
05/11/18Three Dog NightMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomeryView Tickets
05/12/18Three Dog NightSaenger Theatre - ALMobileView Tickets
05/12/18Delbert McClintonMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomeryView Tickets
05/15/18Marc CohnThe SteepleMobile 
05/18/18Hangout Music Festival - 3 Day PassGulf Shores BeachGulf Shores 
05/18/18Hangout Music Festival - FridayGulf Shores BeachGulf Shores 
05/19/18Hangout Music Festival - SaturdayGulf Shores BeachGulf Shores 
05/20/18Hangout Music Festival - SundayGulf Shores BeachGulf Shores 
05/21/18David Bromberg QuintetWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 
06/09/18Happy Together TourMontgomery Performing Arts CentreMontgomeryView Tickets
06/23/18Alan JacksonThe Wharf AmphitheatreOrange BeachView Tickets
06/30/18Tedeschi Trucks Band, Drive By Truckers & The Marcus King BandTuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosaView Tickets
07/27/18Sugarland, Frankie Ballard & Lindsay EllVon Braun Center ArenaHuntsvilleView Tickets
08/02/18Miranda Lambert & Little Big TownThe Wharf AmphitheatreOrange BeachView Tickets
12/07/18Jet Black Alley CatWorkplay TheatreBirmingham 

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